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Broadcom Inc. is an American designer, developer, manufacturer and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. Broadcom's product offerings serve the data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, and storage and industrial markets. Tan Hock Eng is the company's president and CEO. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. Avago Technologies Limited took the Broadcom part of the Broadcom Corporation name after acquiring it in January 2016. The ticker symbol AVGO that represented old Avago now represents the new merged entity. The Broadcom Corporation ticker symbol BRCM was retired.

Broadcom has very bad compensation, bad benefits and the worst working environment. The 401K plan really sucks. Some Engineers with less or same skills get more salary , bonuses/RSUs and get promoted earlier than some others just because they are in a different group or department or even sometimes under a different manager. There is absolutely no fairness in the annual reviews and the annual compensation adjustments. No growth opportunities, no promotions and if you are on H1B visa be prepared to be exploited to the max and the work environment is very unhealthy. Almost every employee complains about working too hard for long hours and not getting rewarded. Managers will sometimes force you to come over the weekends to cover up their mess.

It's a shame that even after having more than $2 Billion in cash and so much growth in the company over the past 5 or 6 years the employees have not seen any rewards. The top management gets millions for not doing anything or rather for looking good in their designer suits and ties and the Engineers working on the real projects and the reason behind Broadcom's success are told that times are tough so cut down.


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Former Employee - Engineer says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Just do it culture, under communication, under documentation"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than a year Cons: Non-Consistency in hiring for long-term employment."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than 8 years Cons: No help. Product innovation is non existent. Want you to screw over your customers"

Current Employee - Principal Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Broadcom full-time for more than a year Cons: Political does an employee company ask to come to office during covid?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Sociopaths go out of their way to make you fail. Management looks other way, implicitly supports corporate bullies."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"I have been working at Broadcom full-time for less than a year Cons: The CEO and sales practices"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Broadcom full-time Cons: Broadcom thinks that remote work CANNOT be done and still make a company profitable. Newsflash: a large portion of employees (those with a medical exemption) have been working from home and we were even more profitable than projected. Broadcom is stuck in the 1960s where they think that onboarding someone isn't possible if you're remote. Another newsflash: we can't onboard anyone if we can't hire anyone, and no one wants to work in a place that forces you to risk being exposed to COVID just to meet their "badge-in quota" that they seem to have."

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You must keep ESPP stock for a year. No longer innovating, just status quo."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than a year Cons: Company gives stock options to 95% of employees, the 5% not given stock are admins. Layoffs for no reason. No perks, employee happiness is solely based on stock."

Former Employee - Senior Software Test Engineer says

"I worked at Broadcom full-time for more than 10 years Cons: They have 0 loyalty. Will can you to meet numbers."

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good is good but forced their software professionals to work from office in Covid crisis even no dependencies of office to work. Work from office and do all interaction using online meeting . Till now almost 10% employees are suffered with covid and not sure about any casulties, rest of the employees will be diagnosed very soon but who cares. Cons: All"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Salary and stock. Stock will be vested after 12-15 month but to sustain a job till that time is tough. Candidate should be strong to deal with politics"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Broadcom is really an unprofessional, illogical, and not an employee-oriented company."

Software Testing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Chinese management Mandate software professionals to work from office during Covid 19 pandemic in Aug 2020, where every day more than 3000 new corona cases reported in the city. Almost every day get HR notification to inform confirm corona cases in office."

Engineer Program Mgr 3 (Former Employee) says

"Very bad company. They don't have any concerns with the employees. Management is very bad they always try to remove the people from job. It's the worst place to work. They even don't provide good package ,facilities to employees."

Customer Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible Company and will get worse as Broadcom implements their ideas. Poor management, No team atmosphere. No one was willing to share their knowledge for fear of competition and getting laid off. Cons: Too many to list"

Supply Chain Logistics Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Lack of communication and objectives caused decisions to be made and then reworked constantly Cons: hostile work environment"

Staff QA Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Cost cutting is the highest priority for the company, at the expense of productivity and time savings for the employees. Free tools are used instead of tools that cost money."

Sr. Helpdesk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"my contract was cancelled due to a bad manager and horrible team lead. Everyone is out for themselves and between that and the scandals i have no intention of ever going back Cons: horrible management and leadership"

Senior Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was a bad place to work management goes behind company policy and makes their own rules HR is a joke because they know of violations but do absolutely nothing hours are long and no work life balance basically a Chinese sweat shop you work till you die brown noses move up but dedicated employees move nowhere a very hostile work environment with no chance for advancement in any department unless you are family or blood related the company got bought out now I hear its worse. Cons: Going home"

Principal Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Broadcom is a great place and culture to work for. As a group, we work very well together and with a family atmosphere. Very flexible schedule and no micro management style."

Security Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is no loyalty at this company. They operate on a 1980's corporate raider business model. Wall Street loves it, but it treats employees as expendable items. Cons: people do not matter"

Helpdesk / Deskside Support Lead Technician (Former Employee) says

"This was a daily contracting company that would give you work to do for a few days than nothing for a period of time. Does not look out for the people that work for them. Cons: None"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Forcing the software professionals to work from the office during covid19 top crisis, without any office dependencies. is a live example of hight of unprofessionalism. Everyday covid cases are spreading and reporting in office.No one care. Cons: Everything"

Principal Engineer (Former Employee) says

"do not attract by shares that is offered.You will be fired even after 6 months of joining.Do not join and spoil with your career.RSU will attract you most to join,but you will be spoiled Cons: stressful, get bP suger, diabetis"

Software Engineer (Developer) says

"Broadcom is not a safe and employee oriented company"

Software Associate (Current Employee) says


Software Associate (Current Employee) says

"- During this covid19 panic situation in Bangalore during July 2020, company are pushing hard to their software professionals to visit office and no WFH most of the time. I don't understand who take this kind of decision, how an software professional can give optimum performance to work in danger and wear PPE kit and mask and than work on laptop for 6-8 hrs?"

Photography Wafer Fab Operations Tech (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Manger sucked"

QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"- Not a employee friendly company. Management working as a dictator. Cons: Employees are treated like labor, no work from concept yet. stil in/out time cocept"

Ethel Aardvaark says

"I have no idea how a company with such poor systems AND technical support can still exist. I only use them because they bought my Symantec product, but never will again. I can't log in to the relevant support portal without the right access and to request access I need to log in to the relevant support portal. An endless cycle of uselessness to which they are barely aware and totally careless. I will avoid these morons like the plague from here on!"

David Doom says

"After days and days of working with support to try and resolve issues, I've come here to voice my opinion because nobody at Broadcom cares. Very Very bad/unprofessional company. Acquires products and then either discontinues or is no longer capable of supporting them. Nothing but apologies for their inability to help, unresponsive, terrible organization. Would not recommend them to anyone."

Marko says

"They have tried to migrate us from Symantec. For three months we cannot get access to appropriate product replacement - Endpoint protection small business edition - cloud. I have repeatedly sent our screenshots where it could be seen that the product is not available in our portal but they answer that we have to be logged in (of course I have logged in, and it could be seen from the screenshot). Anyway, we are looking for product replacement from competitors. There must be some company willing to take our money."

Wajhiuddin Khawajhi says

"I really had a worst experience getting technical support with BroadCom in my 20 years of carrier in IT. I would NOT recommend any company to purchase any product or get any support from BroadCom. We used to have direct support with Symantec for 8 years and their technical support was fantastic . Unfortunately our contract got transferred with BroadCom .And it's a night mare to get in touch with them. No mater how sever the case is .I had couple of casese open . The first case I had was no one event bother to contact me for three/ four days. And after finally calling /chatting them I finally receive a call from a technician who diddn't very corporative at all. The second case I had which was also very severe and it's been four days no one has contacted me at all . I try to get someone on chat twice a day and tehy keep saing someone will call which they never did. I just called again and told them I need to talk to the manager and they said the same thinng "manger will call you " So there is no point to get any kind of technical support from them it's not worth at all"

Michael Petrizzo says

"Renewed our Symantec through Broadcom. Horrible experience. Paid in full over a week ago and still cannot deploy...or even gain access to the portal. Support is nowhere to be found. Broadcom is utterly incompetent on security matters."

Norrie says

"Broadcom is an utter disaster. The people who work for Broacom are the most unprofessional people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. They took over Symantec and the quality of customer service has plummeted as a result. Their company policy would seem to be that if they don't like your question, they simply don't reply and ignore all further attempts at communicating with them. There appears to be no recourse to appeal to a higher level of management. All the agents cover for one another and refuse to provide the names of line managers. They are rude and unprofessional. If you raise a support ticket for a subject they don't like, they simply close the case and there's nothing you can do about it. I have been waiting 4 months to register a license for Symantec Endpoiint Protection. They told me only the reseller could register the license. After 3 months in lockdown I managed to contact the reseller but when they tried to register the license, Broadcom told them to get lost. This means they lied to me for 3 months solid. We are a 15 year user of Symantec products. No more."

Jaspal says

"Absolutely disgusting service, Broadcom have now taken over Symantec and the service is the worst I have ever seen. God help you if you get a virus as THIER IS NO SUPPORT NOW. The telephone number will make you wait for 1 hour and then when I spoke to a rude customer service agent and asked for his manager, he just put the phone downon me. COMPANY HAS LOST THE PLOT! Will have to look for another antivirus company for my 1000 licenses required. A 10-year-old customer LOST!"

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